Madarocka has been a pioneer Hiphop b-girl on the Scene Since the days of repping for NAIJA-AMERICAN QUEENS with strong hiphop vocal style and delivery…

A prominent force to be reckoned with in washington d.c’s hiphop community circles..She has rocked with WUTANG CLAN, BOOTCAMP, THE FUGEES, And also toured with ‘DIGABLE PLANETS’..

An igbo born American who via her creative prowless continues to hold up her African Pride and her humanitarian belief got her involved in charities either personal or collaborative platforms…When not performing..she spends time as a motivational coach reaching out to youths via outreach campaigns, orphanage’s…

-Her Resume  boasts of gracing top-notch engagements  both at lnternational events and also supports the Motherland via its local events/functions respectively.

-In Addition to her rich background as a seasoned veteran in the hiphop industry..she was the first winner to cart home ‘N.E.A.(Nigeria Entertainment Awards) Best HipHop Artiste Category staged at New York City..

-Going back to the homefront  recording songs,shooting top-class video’s with leading names in the industry..she has been able to put her A-game in the minds of her fans across the globe and just of recent she added a new single to her songlists with one of nigeria’s biggest record label @ HYPERTEK..amidst other collaborations in the pipelines with RUGGED MAN, ZEAL, NIKKI LAOYE, ILL BLISS D BOSS..a few to mention.

-Currently plans are in top shape for a pre-launch tour date which is scheduled to hit concerts,campus and nite-clubs across the african continent in a build for her home-coming hip-hop documentary series centered on love for the african motherland via pushing for strong essence of african womanhood ideals as dutiful mother’s,home-keeper’s,industrious stakeholders alongside their male counterparts..

-This drive also saw her lead campaigns that affects the total wellbeing of the vulnerable african girl-child,a strong crusader and anti human-trafficking activist..she has spent  valuable time/resources in the fight against domestic violence…lending her voice and support for victims of rape,gender inequality and her drive to serve humanity keeps soaring forth..

-We surely cant wait to hear more from this great personalty let alone savour classic vibes pouring out from her fountain of creativity…

-Trust to deliver nothing but danceable tunes from her BABYROCKA ENT..It’s a must to check out her page and follow up on latest info’s …stay tuned or miss out…

Check out more of her pictures below!

-Twitter @madarocka

[email protected]



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