‘HELP! Does My Fiance Need To Know That I Once Slept With His Friend?’ – Lady Cries Out

Beautiful lady is out to seek opinion on whether she should tell her Fiance of her past sexual relationship with his friend. Read her full story below!!

“My boyfriend and I recently got engaged and we will be getting married in a few months. Everything with us has been great but there’s something that has been eating me up inside.”
When we first started dating, I met one of my fiance’s friends. And the guy was someone I had a thing with many years ago. We didn’t date for long but we slept together. I was so shocked that I simply pretended not to know him and the guy did the same.
I have barely seen the guy since then but I know my fiance and him are still close and they talk. So far, I doubt his friend has told him anything about us. But now that we’re about to get married, I’ve been thinking a lot about that fling. Should I confess to my fiance? Or should I simply let it go?”.

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Our words to her
In a situation like this, telling the truth is always the best bet for two main reasons. One, put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if your man was hiding the fact that he once had a fling with one of your friend ? Wouldn’t you want to know?

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Also, remember that this is not just about you. Your fiance’s friend may also choose to spill the bean someday. There’s no way you can count on the fact that he wouldn’t divulge the truth one day. The wrong thing you’ve done here is to wait this long to bring this up. It would have been smarter to open up the time you first met the friend.

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But as it is now, your best bet is to tell your fiance as soon as possible. Explain that your fear of losing him was what caused you to keep this from him. Make him understand that the fact that the fling was a long time ago. Give him some time to come to terms with this new revelation and hopefully, he forgives you. Remember, it won’t be a good idea to wait until you’re married to tell this to him. The earlier the better.

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