Many Injured After Engines Of Motorcycles Are Mistaken For Gunshots At Times Square (Video)

Last weekend’s shootings in the US left many conscious of a possible attack at any spot and this led to multiple injuries at New York’s Times Square after the engines of some motorcycles were mistaken for gunshots.

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NYPD’s Midtown North district tweeted that the sounds were from motorcycles as it confirmed that there was no active shooter after receiving several 911 calls around 9:45 p.m on Tuesday August 6. About 12-20 people were injured in the shooting scare and no fewer than six went to hospitals for minor issues, WNBC reported.

The incident had people fleeing into restaurants and theaters. It was further learnt that the police are now using surveillance cameras to try to identify the motorcyclists who might be charged with reckless endangerment.

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One Twitter user wrote: “In Times Square. There was a loud sound (later heard it was a motorcycle backfiring) and everyone panicked. Running en masse, men yelling ‘Get down!’ Separated from my brother, but now fine. Freaky experience.”


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