Nigerian Born Tech Expert Sells App For $1bn In US, Returns To Africa To Invest

Nigerian born Chinedu Echeruo, the owner of HotStop, an app that was built to help Americans with directions in subway state, is citizen of note despite the many negative things tainting the country’s image recently in diaspora.

While speaking with Allison Fass of Inc, Echeruo said he spent a lot of hours on the app despite the fact that it has simple three pages.

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He said he would spend hours on the app to see how many aspects of the app could work and how the users’ experience could be improved more.

Echeruo said that he is happy that all the hard work put into the app paid off in the way the app was accepted later.

When he was asked how the app gained that much attention, he said everything came down to marketing as he had to send individual mails to tech writers and journalist.

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He revealed that there was a positive result from the publicity plan for the app that HotStop site crashed and because of the much traffic.

It should be noted that the app was reportedly built for 300 cities in the US and was later bought by Apple for $1 billion.

Unconfirmed report via twitter handle said that the Techprenueur is currently in Nigeria to invest.


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