Watch The Moment A Popular ‘Witch’ In Russia Is Forced To Confess On TV In Bid To Wipe Out Sorcery (Video)


In a bit to wipe out sorcery in a town in Russia, an alleged witch was forced to confess and repent on local TV.

The alleged witch, Sekinat Ibragimova from Chechnya was popular for always helping people to cast spells on former spouses as well as also helping locals to pass their exams. Pictures released online showed her ‘witch’s paraphernalia‘ and photographs of those she had ‘helped’ during her six years claiming to practice black magic.

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After her arrest, Police seized items from her including locks, keys, soil from cemeteries, and papers with obscure inscriptions.

Police said such items were typical for sorcerers. In a confession on the main TV station in regional capital Grozny she told viewers: ‘I was on the wrong path. Don’t ask me for help anymore.’

The campaign to wipe out sorcery was ordered by Ramzan Kadyrov, the Leader of Chechnya and local pro-Vladimir Putin strongman.

Back in July, police also arrested an alleged witch Eset Esambayeva. She is alleged to have visited graveyards to carry out mysterious rituals involving melting of lead, said reports.

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A TV presenter giving an explanation said: “‘She failed to explain herself,’ said one account. Esambayeva ‘pleaded guilty and begged for forgiveness. Raids against wizards have been carried on the initiative of Ramzan Kadyrov for several years”.

Watch the video below.


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