Male Corp Member Beats Up A Female Corp Member Over Sweet Potato (Photos)

A male Corp Member has been reported to have beaten up a female corp member, Samuel Janet Chizara in a small village of Dong in Jos North Plateau State. Both Corp members are serving at Dong’s The community secondary school.

The young lad, Akintimeyin John Tayo, with state code pl/19A/038 was said to have destroyed and harvested the potato farm of another tenant in the compound where the were given apartments by the community secondary school they carrying out their one year mandatory service.

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The owner of potato farm who spoke to Chukslyonews said she was witnessed the assault on the female corp member by the male counterpart who almost beat her up while trying yo save the Lady.

Speaking to Chukslyonews, she said: “Initially i planted some potatoes in the compound, one day i came back and found out that they had cleared the farm. I went yo ask who did it , i was told he did. I was angry and the other Corpers pleaded and replanted another for me. Fast forward to Saturday he went ahead and harvested almost half of the farm. So he told the other corp members to harvest the remaining.
So when they noticed he had harvested the potato ,( all this while i didn’t know o) they went to park it from where he kept it. He came back cursing and making treats to kill anyone who collected the potatoes. So he went into the room pulled this room mate out and started fighting the guy.
This lady tried pulling the guy he was beating away…..before we could say jack. He started beating this lady, slapped her , pushed her to the ground and started punching her. When i saw the scene i quickly dropped my baby to rescue the lady….before you knew it he wanted to beat me jacking me up….if not for neighbours that came around


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