Ambitious’ Sex Worker Highlights Some Of Her Accomplishments At 22


An ‘Ambitious‘ sex worker, Hentai Honey, has taken to her Twitter page to list out some of her accomplishments at 22.

Apart from being a sex worker, the young lady said she is also a ‘published (3x) author’ and a ‘Deans List double business major at one of the most prominent schools’ in her state.

Ms.Hentai also said she was tired of everyone limiting women, so she decided to prove to critics that women are multifaceted.

Despite her achievements in life so far. she also disclosed why she still do sex work.

Read all what she wrote below.


  1. Yeah right.
    Could have worked proper jobs but chose to be a hoe on the internet & ask vulnerable & mentally weak men to send her money bcoz she’s a goddess. Fuckin lazy ass skank. She’s full of shit.
    You chose sex work coz you are stupid af.


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