10 Embarrassing, Funny Moments Of Human Lives


Getting up from your bed early in the morning, getting dressed and going out like you normally do every morning, suddenly something unexpected and disgraceful happens to you on the road which could be considered as being painfully embarrassing.

Sadly, these are unavoidable because they are events that could happen to anyone at any time in life but when you sit down to think of those embarrassing moments, you just laugh over them.

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Below are ten embarrassing moments in many people’s lives:

1. You went to a rowdy market with your mom who has the transport fair with her, then suddenly you can’t find her again and you are left in the middle of nowhere, stranded and left with the only option of cooperate begging, just to get back home

2. As a lady you put on a white and attractive cloth, on getting to your destination, a guy walks up to you to tell you, your cloth has a very obvious stain at the back.

3. You’re going out on a date with a guy, and you’re wearing a tight cloth with no underwear, then as you are crossing the road your cloth gets torn apart.

4. Falling into the gutter while trying to cross over it, on a rainy day.

5. Having a disturbing running stomach and before getting to the nearest toilet you’ve messed up your body.

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6. After eating in a big restaurant, you discovered that your wallet/purse is not with you.

7. You had a romantic dinner with your girlfriend, with the intention of proposing to her, but as you guys were having dinner a handsome celebrity walks in then your girlfriend starts screaming and runs to meet him.

8. Being in a gathering of friends, you want to clean your face, dipping your hand into your bag to bring out your handkerchief, only for a dead cockroach to jump out from your bag.

9. Your dress gets torn while trying to climb the stage to deliver a speech you are well prepared for, in front of a large crowd.

10. You went on a romantic date with your girlfriend and your ex-girlfriend walks into the place, only to discover that your, girlfriend and your ex are besties, vis-à-vis.


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