Racist White Woman Shamed On A Bus For Attacking Foreign Students Speaking Their Native Language (Video)

A racist American woman got shamed on a bus for attacking foreign students who were holding a conversation in their native language during a journey in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The woman was heard saying in the viral video that she loves people from every country around but insisted that foreigners should speak English when they come to the United States.

A white man who stood up to her, accused her of racism and further declared her statement “baseless” because the foreign students weren’t having a conversation with her.

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Twitter user @KerrryC who shared the video wrote;

A racist white woman on a bus in Amherst, Ma., attacked a couple foreign college kids for speaking their language. Another passenger saw this, stood up to this, & put her in place. Also, she said she wants to go viral so let’s help her out


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When the cops arrived, this racist pos started complaining about being harassed, trying to play victim.

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