Cleric Without Mask Or Gloves Instructing Coronavirus Patients In Iran To ‘Smell’ A Liquid (Viral Video)

A cleric has been filmed instructing Coronavirus patients at a hospital in Iran to smell a liquid claiming it will help them while he was seen wearing no mask or gloves.

In the viral video, the cleric claimed the liquid is from ‘the prophet.’

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Professor, Steve Hanke, an American economist, who shared the video on Twitter wrote: ‘In #Iran, a cleric walks into a hospital with no protective gear and tells #Coronavirus patients to smell a liquid, claiming it will help them. Ignorance & gov’t censorship has exacerbated the spread of #COVID?19 in Iran.’

Watch the video below. 


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Viral video of a cleric without mask or gloves instructing Coronavirus patients in Iran to ‘smell’ a liquid

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