Canada Preparing To Give $1,400 To Every Person Affected By Coronavirus

The Canadian government is preparing to issue checks worth roughly $1,400 for the next four months to Canadians affected by the Coronavirus.

The Canadian Parliament passed a $75 billion relief package on Wednesday, according to the BBC. The aid checks will be sent to Canadians that have lost their jobs or incomes from the Coronavirus, as well as those who are quarantined or taking care of a sick family member.

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The approved package is a reformed version of one that was shot down after being criticized for turning over too much power to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The previous version gave Trudeau’s Cabinet the ability to tax and spend money without limit for nearly two years.

The new version gives Trudeau’s finance minister the authority to spend and borrow money without the Canadian Parliament’s approval for the next four months.

Canada had recorded nearly 3,300 cases of the Coronavirus and 30 deaths by Wednesday afternoon. At least 185 people have recovered from the disease in the country.

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To curb the pandemic, US is slowly pausing financial time. The U.S. Senate passed a coronavirus relief package early Wednesday morning that would give most Americans a $1,200 check.

In both countries, millions of workers are expected to be laid off or furloughed while each country’s government grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. In the U.S., state and local governments have put heavy restrictions on commerce and public gatherings, effectively shutting down theaters, sports arenas, churches, and other “nonessential” places.

California, New Jersey, New York, and Washington are the hardest-hit states in the pandemic, each recording over 2,400 cases and over 60 deaths. New York has more cases than any other state, reporting over 30,800, with 285 deaths by Wednesday afternoon.


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